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Dott. Andrea G. Stramezzi
Italy was the first Western country to be hit by Covid-19, it was also the most devastated one.
Since the beginning I started visiting and treating my patients, as any doctor should have done.
They were recovering! Even elderly people with many conditions. I also worked in a Covid Hospital for three months. All patients recovered.
We can treat and defeat Covid by understanding it, especially with an early intervention with well known and cheap drugs. I have treated over a thousand patients, by now. For a Patient, the problem is finding a doctor immediately, who knows how to treat him or her. For a Doctor, the problem is being directed to treat his or her first patients. We must train doctors who are willing to treat Covid, and enable them to treat hundreds of people simultaneously.
To this end we have designed a smartphone App, which shoul solve these issues. We want it to be user-friendly and free. In order to develop it quickly we need donations. That is why we have set up the “Covid Healer” Non Profit Organization: to save dozens of thousands of lives worldwide. Yes, worldwide, because the App will be international and multilingual.
Moreover, I would like to fund research to detect the gene responsible for severe Covid. With your help, we will find it in just a few months. After that, everything will change. Every doctor will know beforehand if a patient might suffer from a cytokine storm - when a viral infection develops into a severe autoimmune disease - and he or she will be able to prevent it. These patients only will be administered drugs like cortisone and heparin. For the others, the course will be reassuring – it will be mild, just like the therapy.
I have daily interactions with hundreds of Covid doctors worldwide. In September we will gather in Rome for the first world summit on Covid therapy: the International Covid Summit.
I have plenty of ideas on how to win the war against Covid but, in order for them not to remain just dreams, I need your help! Together, we’ll manage to save tens of thousands of lives.
Together, we can do it.
Thank you for what you’ll be able to do.